STEAM-Sea Traffic Management in the EAstern Mediterranean

The STEAM Project (Coordinator – Michalis Michaelides, Scientific Coordinator – Herodotos Herodotou) is a three-year project expected to start on January 2019 with a budget of approximately 1 million EUR financed by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. The general objective of the STEAM project is to develop Port of Limassol to become a world-class transshipment…

PPREM_ISES – Unified Performance Prediction Model for Structures and Infrastructures Incorporating Diverse Monitoring Data

PREM_ISES (Coordinator – Elia Tantele) is a Research Promotion Foundation funded research programme aiming to create a unified performance prediction model for structures and infrastructures incorporating diverse monitoring data. A performance prediction model that incorporated and combined in a novel way corrosion and strain data from remote periodic monitoring was developed.